Thursday, September 27, 2007

Recognize Anyone?

Here are September's noteworthy arrests in the 23rd District.


  1. MOM!,

    Actually I think I recognize the second female in the top row of the first group of pics.

    Hung out on Montrose just east and west of Broadway. Obviously mentally ill.

    If it's not her then it is her twin sister. Also seemed to solicit sex from drivers going by.

    While Buena Pointe was under construction a few years back a crew used the dumpster on Montrose as cover for their activity.

    I personally have no problems with prostitution, but it should be limited to the internet such as Craigslist. On the street it is wrong.

    That is my story and I'm sticking to it. Pardon the pun.

  2. Wilbur Jackson, top row, is dealing drugs in the CHA buildings on Sunnyside and Racine. He's a busy guy. The police know him well.

  3. The one woman often asks me if I want to party while I walk my dog along Wislon. Sometimes I am in the mood to party but not with her. Could Helen Schiller maybe do somthing to get us a better batch of whores for our neighborhood. The ones we have are nasty. Would be nice if we could get some hot Polish or Russian ones that are young, walking around.

    Could be convenaint on the way home from the bars some nights.

  4. Anonymous,

    you need to become internet friendly. "IF" I were to get a hooker I would use Craigslist. So much easier. Just like having a pizza delivered. Plus it doesn't annoy the neighbors or get the attention of the local police.(The Irishpirate has no experience with hookers of any kind and is not recommending anyone break the law)

    One more reason to love the internet.

    I mean I purchased an armoire off Craigslist why not some companionship?