Thursday, September 27, 2007

'Thai Uptown' A Welcome Sight On A Bleak Stretch Of Broadway

Uptown residents may be unaware that there is a "diamond in the rough" near the intersection of Broadway and Wilson. "Thai Uptown" has been serving up traditional thai rice and noodle dishes for some time now at 4621 N. Broadway. We stopped in recently during lunch and were surprised at the welcoming decor and very reasonably priced lunch specials starting at $5.95.
We can highly recommend the crag rangoons and mongolian beef.
"Thai Uptown" can be reached at 773-561-9999 for take-out orders and hours of operation. If you haven't checked it out yet, we encourage everyone to do so. There are many vacant storefronts in this area and perhaps if business owners see an area finally thriving, they will be more likely to open new restaurants/businesses in the area.


  1. Thai Uptown is a great spot for lunch. If you eat there they give you great soup with your lunch special. Their delivery is always fast. I highly recommend this place for great fresh food. Also the staff is always friendly. 561-9999. I have their number memorized!!
    And its BYOB...

  2. don't really wanna go to their location but would be happy to give them lots of delivery order business if the food's good enough. anyone know how's their chicken pad thai? anything else to recommend to a first time orderer without a menu?

  3. Anonymous,
    I understand what you mean--I LOVE the nearby Gigios pizza as well, but I hate going there!
    However, Thai Uptown has an online menu:

  4. Thanks for the recommendation. I live near the restaurant and never knew about it until I read about it here. Had lunch there today and enjoyed the food -and- the price.

  5. The food is superb! A very clean family restaurant with great food. Everything is prepared fresh. I highly recommend the restaurant. I found them on the web and have become a regular customer. I enjoy the shrimp bundle and the yellow curry. Yummy! Also its a BYOB and the owner lets me hold the plasma's remote while I enjoy my dinner. Very friendly place.

  6. I agree with the previous poster. This has become one of my favorite local restaurants. Incredibly friendly owners/waitstaff, great food, and low prices.

    It's too cold for it now (for me, at least), but when it gets a little warmer out, try their homemade ice cream. Different ... not like anything I've ever tried before. I was leery, but it's a great treat on a hot day.

  7. I LOVE this place.

    Been going here for quite some time now. Join their birthday club if you haven't already - they'll give you a free entree if you come in and eat on your birthday, but you have to pay for one first to get the free one.