Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Not Enough Caffeine?

We spotted this lady napping on the sidewalk outside of Starbucks on the corner of Sheridan and Broadway today. We did call 911 for a wellness check on the woman and she appears to be ok.


  1. I don't get it why the cops don't ticket these people. If I went out next Saturday night and passed out on the street I would be taken to jail and given a ticket for public intoxication. Everybody sticks up for the homeless but see they get cut breaks I won't.

  2. Maybe she was riding that bike and the wheel fell off.

  3. This woman loiters on the 3800 block of Broadway every day, all day. Even though it's Lakeview, you can tell it's Helens' ward (also home to the wonderful Hotel Chateau with it's vomit stained awnings!)!

  4. Sorry, don't really get how taking pictures of people sleeping on the street (presumably BEFORE calling for a wellness check) adds any value to blogging discourse.

    I find this site interesting at times, but the "gallery of people who seem homeless" series of posts is pretty offensive.

    This isn't journalism--it's just weird and disturbing voyeurism. Enough already.

  5. Sure there's value. These pictures highlight the irony of the ubiquitousness of such scenes in a ward with the highest number of social service agencies per capita in the city.

  6. I guess "your neighbor" is too high minded for this site.

    I will have to take some photos of a similar type myself and dedicate them to him/her.

    Then I will sing KUMBAYA and feel better about myself.

  7. your neighbor said;

    "This isn't journalism--it's just weird and disturbing voyeurism. Enough already".

    Voyeurism??? This is something we see every day! Everybody sees it. If you don't want your picture taken while sleeping on the street, don't sleep on the street. Did this woman think that no one would see her when she passed out on the sidewalk? She doesn't care, so why should you?

    And yes, it is disturbing. And enough already!

  8. This isn't journalism--it's just weird and disturbing voyeurism. Enough already.

    This is a blog not a newspaper.

  9. She's always there. Someone make her go away!