Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Truman College's Unannounced Yard Sale

We apologize for the grainy picture, but you can easily make out the fact that someone was hanging clothes, possibly to sell, on the wall in the Truman College Mall area at Wilson and Racine. We thought the "Sheridan Park Yard Sale" was a few weeks ago?


  1. I moved to Uptown this year and am still trying to figure out if Truman is a good neighbor. I presume they do a lot of good for the community, but walking through the courtyard, man, it seems like there are more residents of the Wilson Hotel hanging out there than actual students. Any thoughts? Does anyone think they could be doing more to be a good neighbor? Or am I being too hard on them?

  2. I think it must be hard for them to police their grounds. A more obvious presence of their security would be nice. Especially since they have a Headstart Program and a Kindergarten or day care program, and there are more sex offenders living in the building directly across the street than I can count on both hands.

  3. Last couple times I walked through there it smelled faintly of piss and beer.