Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Holsten Knows How To Party!

If you get a chance, check out the Wilson Yard site. Looks like the homeless folks who call the site home have been partying it up quite a bit. We spotted a liquor bottle in one of the overflowing trash cans and beer cans all over the site. Uptown residents must be celebrating the fact that this project has been moving along so quickly...or not.


  1. Wierd, if you look in the SSA map, this area is clearly in the area to be cleaned. The garbage is piling up on a daily basis. Maybe Wilson Yard's master plan was to have a homeless playground. New plan - tents, fire pits, needle fairs, and an Aldi to supply the booze. It is all clear now

  2. Where have the Cleanslate people gone? I used to see them everyday cleaning the streets when I walked to the train. Now they seem to be gone. They seemed to do a nice job.

    Was it an election tactic by Shiller to make it seemed like she cared?

  3. From the photos, it appears that all this trash is inside chain-link fencing. That's the old Aldi, right? I doubt if CleanSlate is supposed to go inside of fenced areas ostensibly slated for demolition in order to clean them.

  4. I'm saying I haven't seen Cleanslate anywhere lately. I would pass them every morning at Sheridan and Wilson on my way to the "L". They did a good job and the workers were friendly. But now they seem to be gone, which is bad for the neighborhood and the workers.

  5. Clean Slate is still at work. I see them all the time, the schedule was changed to get them some weekend time on Wilson and Broadway for the summer. The foot traffic to the beach tends to be dirty.

    An Cleanslate fan is right, they are not responsible for cleaning anything other then sidewalk and curb area (although I often see them step out into the street).

    Clean Slate has nothing to do with Shiller, they are paid for by the SSA#34.

  6. Thanks for clearing things up asurf. Glad to hear they are still in the hood.

    I felt like I first noticed them as the election grew near, that is why I asked the Shiller question.

    I'm happy to hear it is an SSA#34 program and hope they stick around.