Monday, September 3, 2007

The Gangs All Here!

Looks like our loitering friends are taking a break from the Labor Day sun under the awning of "Dearborn Wholesale Grocers" on Montrose. We had previously thought the loiterers had been pushed elsewhere but after seeing this today, we now know that , "they're baaaaack."


  1. Can you please repost the phone number to Dearborn Wholesale Grocers so that I can call and express my displeasure with their inability to police their property?

    I might also write a letter to the Alderman.

  2. Certainly "Dear Helen:"
    Its 773-728-7500
    And for any other readers who want to voice their opinion to "Dearborn Wholesale Grocers" please do so.

  3. Get a petition together for them to build a fence around that lot.

  4. I think it's the social services that makes life too comfortable for the homeless to keep doing what they're doing. They camp out in other neighborhoods, but not to this extent. We need to identify the social services that encourage this behavior and go after them.