Wednesday, August 29, 2007

'Rainbo Village' Update

Well folks, the scaffolding is down along Clark, where it has been for months now, in front of the "Rainbo Village" development.
Looks like they have added plenty of outdoor space outside of the groundfloor retail level for the rumored "Panera" and hopefully other restaurants to be announced. Its a welcome addition to that area, that's for sure.


  1. Improvements on that stretch of Clark will certainly make Sheridan Park a more liveable neighborhood. It could be their only hope for a walkable pedestrian friendly strip--especially if Andersonville keeps creeping south.

  2. they paved paradise and put up a parking lot... or in this case, an ugly bunch of overpriced condos. Great timing too... I'm sure they'll sit vacant for several years.

    Perhaps some people should pay attention to things other than loitering in their neighborhood?

    RIP Rainbo Rollerskates...

  3. Yeah, Rainbo was a great loss... couple o' dead bodies found in the rubble... kids getting beaten up every weekend night at closing time...

    I went there often as a kid and have fond, fond memories. But the reality is, Rainbo had turned into a dump. It was dirty and the owners had stopped spending money on security or upkeep. It was sleazy and falling apart from neglect.

    So unless you fought to keep the Rainbo around or patronized it regularly, don't complain that economic market forces took over. No one forced the owner to sell. The condos and shops will contribute more to the area's economy and safety than the Lawrence Avenue goonings on Saturday nights, just when all the kids came streaming out at closing time.

    And hey, if the condos are too overpriced for you, I hear there are some nice ones going for $169K just a couple blocks away.