Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Big Money, Big Money...STOP!

By Lorraine Swanson
Pioneer Press News-Star

Alderman Helen Shiller, 46th, who faced only one challenger, James Cappleman, in the municipal election, spent $203,558 in her aldermanic campaign, enough to hang on to her City Council seat. Shiller refrained from the City Council's first living wage vote and later sided with Mayor Daley's veto, by voting against the ordinance.
"My gut sense is that (the 46th Ward aldermanic race) was a traditional fight that we've seen for the past couple of cycles when the machine makes more of a play for that seat," Morrison said.
Shiller raised $80,446 in individual contributions. State Senator John Cullerton, D-6th, State Representative Sara Feigenholtz, D-12th, and Del Valle transferred a combined $2,250 to Shiller's campaign committee. Shiller also received a $25,000 loan from the Bridgeview Bank Group in Uptown, and continues to carry $10,712 in debts and obligations, some dating as far back as 1988 and 1989.
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  1. That's a good article, but there is more to the story than that.

    Check out my incisive and witty commentary which I posted last month on the same issue.

    Uptown Avenger.

  2. Leona's donated money to the alderman's campaign? No way.

  3. Could that be why we saw "Leona's" pizza delivered to the polling places for the election judges and poll watchers on election day?

  4. Salvatore "Sam" Toia, owner of Leona's, is a good buddy of the alderbeast.

    If you check out the state campaign records you will see at one time he formed a committee to run for committmeman(democratic) in Tunney's ward. That was many pizzas ago.

  5. "Good buddy" is an interesting way to put it...

  6. Well I could have called her his "little buddy", but that would evoke the homoerotic undertones of "Gilligan's Island".