Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Faz's Bakery, Are You In There Somewhere?

We have been hearing vicious rumor that the owners of Faz's Bakery on Wilson are having difficulty dealing with the powers that be in the 46th Ward. We understand that they have tried contacting 311 and the Alderman's office because they need the tree trimmed in front of their store, but to no avail. This tree is definitely overgrown and is blocking the storefront and possibly deterring pedestrian traffic from even noticing the bakery is there. We kindly ask the city and the 46th Ward office to look into this matter immediately. We want all new and exisiting businesses on Wilson to thrive. If this is already in the process of being resolved, thank you.


  1. Call Streets and San directly. They will come trim the tree.

  2. We think its sad that a new business has to deal with this sort of runaround to get a simple tree trimmed. We will pass along the info. Thanks.

  3. Tree Trimming

    The Bureau of Forestry is responsible for the management of all shade and ornamental trees growing along city streets and boulevards and which constitute approximately 520,000 trees of the estimated 4.1 million trees growing in the City of Chicago. On average the Bureau trims about 100,000 public trees annually.

    The municipal trimming operations performed by the Bureau of Forestry are scheduled utilizing several approaches:Request Trimming, Crises Trimming and Programmed Trimming. All residents are encouraged to call the 311 City Services System to report any tree maintenance needs such as the removal of storm or construction related damaged limbs, low hanging branches, or to clear obsured streetlights and stop signs.

    Currently, Request Trimming constitutes over 3/4 of all the tree trimmed annually and is scheduled as a result of calls placed to the 311 City Service System. These calls are serviced on a first come first served basis. Crisis Trimming results from calls that are reporting hazardous conditions such as broken and hanging branches to the city's 311 system. These calls are responded to on an emergency basis. Programmed Trimming is the servicing of all trees requiring attention within a given area such as a city block or a 1/4 mile grid. As time allows, the Bureau works with elected officials as well as community groups to designate the assigned area.

  4. I had put in a request last week on the city's website for my house and after talking with someone who works in the Bureau of Forestry I was told I can expect to wait another 8 weeks for them to get to my request. They are that backlogged. Also with the storms we've had recently there are more immediate jobs they have to handle which further delays things.

  5. Gotta put in my two cents about the Bureau of Forestry. A June storm caused a small tree branch to fall on a car parked on our street. I called 311 to report it. Two hours later, at 4 a.m., the Forestry truck came by and removed the branch and trimmed the tree.

    I was impressed.

  6. I haven't been by Faz's in the last couple days, but if the storm did a number on the tree, like it did on so many others in our area, Forestry should be on it soon.

    If not, I'm guessing it's got a long wait while Forestry takes care of the storm's wreckage.

    I drove home via Lake Shore Drive and couldn't believe the number of downed trees. At first I thought they were bushes until I looked closer. So many downed trees and limbs! Unreal.