Monday, July 2, 2007

What To Watch For In Your Neighborhood

A must-read for folks in our neighborhood from The 'Broken Heart' of Rogers Park. Bravo Craig!


  1. Wow, that's some intense blogging! Completely makes me want to rewatch season one of The Wire.

    On a more serious note, that's some screwed up depressing stuff to deal with. I didn't realize Rogers Park was such a problem neighborhood.

  2. part of rogers park are worse than uptown.

  3. Just a realist!

  4. First, I do have to give Craig Gernherdt credit for identifying himself, so people can personally talk to him and get to know him as a human being.

    I do appreciate that he has done things like join the Cease Fire circle.

    But he is waaaay too negative. It detracts from the positive he wants to do.

    Here’s an example from his opening post:

    So welcome to Hell on Earth, The 1300-1400-1500 West Morse Avenue, Open Air Drug Market and Gun Trading Center.

    Do the Sudanese Lost Boys, who are trying to start a new life really feel this is hell? If so, what was their life like away from America? Only “purgatory”? A similar question for the immigrants of other countries, or even other parts of the city (West Side, South Side)

    If it’s so bad, “hell on earth” , then why not move to someplace safer like Lawndale, Englewood, Humboldt Park or Roseland?

    If anyone is looking to buy on or near Morse (and would inevitably take the El at some point), they would probably decide NOT to buy, due to it being a “hellhole”, rather than “up and coming” (and exaggeration on the other side)

    I am not saying to ignore the negativity, but to keep it (and your perceived attitude) in perspective. Downtown is clearly NOT a hellhole, but the voters there booted out Burton Natarus. So you can vote out Joe Moore without saying your neighborhood is horrible.

    That negativity is also spread by some of the commenters. They may be isolated people, but because they are so loud, it hard NOT to associate that with the generalanti-Joe Moore sentiment.

    Here’s an example of some comments from another post.

    Just as there are some people in Rogers Park who would have liked to vote for change but saw their “alternative” have their own serious issues (particularly ridiculing any dissent), there are people in Uptown who feel the same. Not a large number, and not very vocal , but they have helped make a difference in the election.

    Jordan Vielehr said...
    Craig and Thomas,

    You’re not looking too popular around here lately. Maybe you should both go back to what your good at... That is trying to make a difference in our neighborhood. Stop the propaganda. You’re not politicians and are just making fools of yourselves. Stop and think about what you guys are saying. Are you all in a room together thinking how you can manipulate your loyal readers? James you may want to reconsider your surroundings. I would like to give you my vote as well as many others, but you have to realize Thomas and Craig are only hurting your cause by blogging. I believe you have the passion and heart to really make a difference in Rogers Park. I do not think your followers have the same. “I mean, I attack people for their bad ideas.” (Posted by Thomas Westgard). How do you expect this guy to represent you as Alderman? I have many ideas (some bad, some good) but I do not want to get attacked over them by the new alderman. Joe does not do that to me. Maybe I am turning to Joe again. Better than getting attacked.
    12:13 PM

    brad_wheeler said...
    Runestone, I disagree with you that James Ginderske "has managed to stay about the fray of extremist views and attacks". Thomas Westgard is his campaign director. He is to James Ginderske what Carl Rove is to George Bush (I guess Craig plays the role of Ann Coulter) and thus James is responsible for what Thomas Westgard says. A few days ago I was looking favorably upon James but no longer. At this point I'd vote for Joe Nomoorefoiegras before I'd vote for James Ginderske. The people whom his campaign director is personally attacking for expressing their opinions and for possibly supporting a rival candidate are those very same people that the alderman is sworn to represent and whose salary is paid for by their taxes. I have no intention of voting for an aldermanic candidate whose minions will personally attack me when I disgree with what that person might do as alderman. I am looking forward to the opportunity to express my views to Mr. Ginderske in person.
    3:05 PM

    brad_wheeler said...
    Well Runestone, I cannot go back and read what Thomas Westgard wrote in the archives of this blog as he seems to have deleted most of his postings.

    Thomas Westgard IS the campaign manager for James Ginderske and while he may not have any of Karl Rove's ruthless talent he does fill a similar role and Ginderske is as much responsible for him as Bush is for Rove.

    I definitely agree with you that James should have a muzzle specially fitted for Mr. Westgard. Had it not been for him I probably would have voted for James Ginderske. Now, he's going to have to do some fancy talking if he wants to get my vote.

    Note To All Political Candidates Everywhere: Persuasive arguments are far more likely to win undecided voters (me) to your side than personal attacks. Hell, if you're good enough you might even be able to swing some already decided voters to your side.
    4:42 PM

  5. What have you done to improve Rogers Park? Criticize Craig all you want for negativity, but at least he's working to better the neighborhood HE LIVES IN.

    Matthew 7:5. Hmmm.