Friday, July 20, 2007

Thank Goodness The 'Unity Fest' Is Tomorrow

From the looks of this crumbling CTA pillar at Broadway and Leland near Ace-Hardware, we could really use some unity.


  1. Obviously, whomever left this undesirable note has deep seated issues that will probably never be addressed. The only thing this "message" says is that racism is ok. I, however, am completely disgusted with this encouraging of hate. Regardless, I will be attending Unity Fest and intend to share this blog entry with anyone/everyone I meet there.

  2. Unity Fest is meant to create disunity. It's targeted at specific people with specific interests.

    That is plain to see.

    The question is, why?

    Perhaps a more appropriate Unity Fest would include a street closure and have some bands performing all different types of music, food vendors with all sorts of varying things to eat, people selling their traditional arts and crafts. It should be an effort to promote our cornucopia of cultures.

    You know. Stuff that actually celebrates diveristy and the realization that different people aren't really that different.

    Silly concept, isn't it?

  3. "The question is, why?"

    It's a sick way of maintaining control. When people are kept divided, their powerbase remains small. There are many wards throughout the city that have gone through all types of changes, but almost none of them are as polarized as the 46th Ward.

    It's rather odd when Uptown residents speak up about the graffiti, public drinking, urination, the lack of adequate retail, etc, they are accused of being self-centered bigoted condo owners who are only interested in maintaining their property values. Had they moved to a similar neighborhood elsewhere, that accusation would not have been made. Some members of the press appear to want to believe that life in Uptown was quiet and peaceful before condo conversions occurred.

    We're now making changes using past proven methods... we're building & strengthening coalitions and we're forcing our local governments to become more transparent. In effect, we're putting pressure on our elected leaders to be public servants and accountable to the community. Blogs like the Uptown Update are powerful in that regard.