Monday, July 16, 2007

Name the Location

We would like to see how well our readers know Uptown area architecture. Can you name the location of this particular terra-cotta face? It may be too easy. The winner will receive nothing except the admiration of their peers. Enjoy.


  1. Nope Brendan. It does look similar but good guess!

  2. A little hint, this building is on the opposite side of Uptown as Nick's Uptown and on the EDGE of Uptown.

  3. the uptown theater? (just a guess, I really am not sure )

  4. This was taken closer to Andersonville.

  5. Saint Augustine's Pirate College for the Spiritual and Physical Formation of Young Women on Argyle.

    Formerly Essanay Studios.

  6. You're so hot (close) Pirate you're burning up. But not correct. Go further west on Argyle sir.

  7. Ya know. It is 1:20 in the AM. Now I feel the need to ride my bike over there and find out.

    If I get assaulted by a gang of young women from the pirate college it will be your fault.

    If I update later you know I survived. If you see a blurb in the paper about a man attacked on a bike near there.........then you know my fate.

  8. Above the body shop at 5006 N. Clark.

    Across from "Man's Country" which is a "body shop" of a different type.

    I did do about 90minutes of biking around Uptown. Quiet out there this morning. Even Argyle around the el stop was quiet. Which is unusual based on my experience at night.

    Now I await the delivery of my Sun Times. Then I hop in my big clawfoot bathtub with the pantomime Angelina Jolie and enjoy a nice read/bath. Perhaps a glass of Jewel's finest jug of red wine will go nicely with that.

  9. Congrats Pirate-
    Its the auto body/repair shop at Clark and Argyle.
    Its amazing how many beautiful buildings there are in Uptown with such ornate detail that we fly by without even taking notice.
    We will have another game soon.