Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What's The Time and Temp, Harris Bank?

Wouldn't it be nice to be at Broadway and Wilson and be able to look up at the either of the Harris Bank signs and know what time it was or even the temperature? We have lost track of when the last time this was possible. Both signs have been burned out for a very long time and we question if this is the case at other Harris Bank branches throughout the city, or just Uptown. We also wondered if the sign at the corner of Broadway and Wilson even rotated at one time. Does anyone know? Anyone?
Also, if you are tired of seeing people sleep in the grass/parking lot (like in the top photo above) of Harris Bank and feel this establishment should be held responsible for loitering on their property, give this branch a call at 773-561-0800.


  1. I mean to walk by with my camera some night to photograph the people sleeping in the drivethru ATM to send to their corporate office. It really doesn't look good for business.

  2. If you enlarge the top pic, you can see someone catching some Zzzz's today, you don't have to wait till nighttime!

  3. We have also contacted Harris Bank in regards to this. We will post any response we receive.

  4. Did anyone bother to contact the bank with your concerns prior to complaining? I would be more concerned that the CTA has all but abandoned the Station across the street - that MAS has talked about absolute responsibilities’ with the Uptown Theater, and has not lived up to those responsibilities - that there are numerous open storefront locations along Broadway in Uptown and Edgewater - and Harris could locate in a different location at any time - I would think you would be grateful that such a good corporate citizen is located in Uptown - and if you just talked with Harris, you might be surprised at how accommodating they are. I know they are going throughout the Chicago community and replacing their signs - maybe a nice reminder would expedite them upgrading the Uptown location.

  5. Anonymous,

    Yes, we have contacted Harris Bank to let them know that citizens are concerned about their partially functioning sign.

    This certainly isn't a new issue - there might be an explanation why the sign isn't functioning. The purpose of this blog is to bring attention to the many characteristics of Uptown - the good, the bad and the ugly.

    If neither Harris Bank, Uptown United nor Alderman Shiller address an issue, we feel that it is worth discussing in the blog. Since we truly believe in empowering residents to make their neighborhood better, we have proactively contacted Harris.

    Thanks for reading and we appreciate your comments. We want to get everyone's perspective in Uptown that reflects its diversity.