Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Aldi's Grand Opening Day

We thought we'd take a walk and check out the new Aldi that had its grand opening today. The exterior of the store leaves much to be desired although anything is an improvement over the old store. Today there was no sign of the atom-bomb sticker seen last night on the east-side signage. The store was bustling and the parking lot was rather full. The landscaping in front of the store had been cleaned of all trash seen last night which hopefully means the store will keep on top of the external appearance. There was also no sign of the Arai student's artwork to be placed on the east side of the brick wall facing Broadway.


  1. Didn't the nice, pretty pictures used to sell the Wilson Yard plan to the community have a nice fountain in that triangular garden area by the "entrance" to the Aldi?

    Refresh our memories if you have that info.

  2. BTW, the blog looks great.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. I don't believe a fountain was ever in the plans. I will post the original rendering to compare and contrast.

  4. When asked about the store entrance being moved to the back of the store, Alderman Shiller's office has repeatedly said that the entrance was never intended to be in the front of the store. That's fascinating since the Wilson Yard rendering on display in her office on Broadway show people entering the building from the corner of Broadway and Sunnyside.