Thursday, May 31, 2007

Seen Around Uptown

An "Updater" sent us this picture today. This was taken outside the "Dearborn Wholesaler" this morning near Broadway and Montrose. We also noticed another shopping cart brigade loitering outside the old Aldi site this evening. We counted at least 15 people.


  1. As someone who regularly shops at the Jewel across the street, I can tell you this scene is pretty typical. On nice days you'll also get groups of 5 or 7 (with carts) hanging out on the sidewalk on Montrose between Sheridan and Kenmore. Makes for great people-watching when walking home from the store! But seriously, anyone know the laws on this? Where and when can homeless people congregate?

  2. It's getting ridiculous, groups are gathering everyday in front of the old Aldi's. There must have been 10 or more of them today. Looks really great, some passed out, some drinking, etc. etc.

  3. What can we do about it? I recently moved to this neighborhood, and while I did it with my eyes wide open, you don't fully appreciate just how much more pronounced this problem is until you live here and see it day in, day out.

    But really, is there anything that can be done? And does Shiller think that this is OK?

    Off-topic, are there any message boards or online communities for the uptown area that anyone could point me to? Thanks.

  4. Off under our LINK section you will see "Buena Park Neighbors." Join the message board there. We think you will find it generally informative.