Thursday, May 31, 2007

Have a Specific Concern in the 48th Ward? Here's Who to Contact:

48th Ward Office - General Information
(773) 784-5277

Doug Fraser
(312) 744-6860
* Chief of Staff: city-wide policy, finance and funding,
legislation and policy, troubleshooting

Marge Britton
(773) 293-8412
* Residential and commerical development: staff 48th Ward Zoning
and Planning Committee; review proposals and initiate process for
residential and commercial development requests; zoning changes and
neighborhood rezoning
* Preservation and historic districts
* New businesses

Ernie Constantino
(773) 293-8411
* Environmental Issues: tree trimming, public gardens,
environmental and beautification projects
* Infrastructure: streets, alleys, sidewalks, curbs and gutters,
large utility projects
* Commercial development: loading zones, parking meters, chamber
of commerce issues, new businesses

Nancy Meyerson
(773) 293-8415
* Education: school issues, enrichment programs, school
partnerships, after school programs, early childhood education
* Special projects: farmers' market, communications

Bess Sagartz
(773) 293-8414
* City services: CTA, sanitation, rodent and animal control,
garbage collection, street and alley lights, abandoned autos, water and
* Utilities: ComEd, Peoples Gas, telephone, cable
* Senior/disabled issues: senior housing, nursing homes, handicap
parking permits
* Permits: block parties, yard sales

Tom Samuels
(773) 293-8417
* Transportation: Traffic calming, safe routes to schools,
infrastructure, resurfacing, planning, parking, safety, bicycles, pedestrians, transit, signs & markings, signals, streetscaping, special
events, construction staging
* Public Right-of-Way: sidewalk cafes, awnings, street furniture, alley access
* Parks: planning, construction, maintenance, dogs, playlots, lakefront, campus parks
* Buildings/Construction: permits, code enforcement, landscape ordinance
* Housing/Social Services: legal aid, landlord-tenant, Fair

Sandy Thomas
(312) 744-6860
* Secretary for Committee on Parks and Recreation
* City Hall: City Council filings, ordinances, resolutions,
vouchers, refuse and senior citizen rebates

Alex Wyman
(773) 293-8413
* Public safety: police relations, crime, CAPS, community
prosecutions, gang graffiti, homeless matters
* Building code: violations
* Problem buildings: manager and owner issues, criminal code
compliance, leasing standards
* Licenses: business and liquor

48th Ward Streets and Sanitation Superintendent
Conrad Suerth
(312) 744-2130
* Garbage pick-up, sanitation, street sweeping, fallen trees or
branches, garage or yard sale permits, temporary no-parking sign

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  1. Those email addresses and where you found the info seems to be the "personal" website of Alderman Smith.

    Maybe I am wrong and she just set up a "city" site to mimic a personal site.

    Shouldn't it be or something similar. How bout