Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Cafe Hoang Reopening in a New Space, Celebrating 25 Years

One of the OGs of the Vietnamese dining experiences in Uptown, Café Hoang has been a fixture at 1020 W Argyle from 1999 until its recent temporary closure.

Yesterday the owners' daughters, Gigi and Erin Hoang (who run First Sip Café at 1057 W Argyle) announced on Facebook that Café Hoang will be reopening soon, just doors down from their own restaurant, at 1065 W Argyle.

"27 years since our family of 7 immigrated to Asia on Argyle, Uptown, Chicago. 

Celebrating 25 years of Café Hoang, open since 1999, the place that gave us a lot of trauma, but ultimately the place that raised and fed us. 

Congrats to our brother Bao + our parents on 25 years and their move to a new space, on the same block, 3 doors down, in the same building as us. Wish us luck 🤞😅

Cafe Hoang reopening soon. Celebrating 25 years 🎂🎊

New location: 📍 1065 W Argyle St 60640"

We have seen ongoing work on the space (thanks for the tip and photos, reader GR) and this confirms the new tenant.

We look forward to eating the same delicious food in a new location (formerly Pho 777, for those who keep track of the Argyle dining scene).

And we'll again take the opportunity to say how much we love that the second generation of Argyle restauranteurs are firmly establishing themselves. First Sip, La Patisserie P, Sun Wah, and Ba Le are run by adult children of parents who opened up shop on Argyle.

To read more about the history of Cafe Hoang and its founders, Doán Thị Sinh and Hoàng Dố, click here.


  1. This restaurant has always been a good one. Great to hear that they will be reopening soon.

  2. Love the next generation holding strong. QIdeas is another shop now run by the original owner's daughter!