Monday, June 6, 2016

48th Ward's "Second Fridays" Takes Place At Cafe Hoang on Argyle

Join your neighbors, friends, and representatives from Ald. Osterman's office this Friday for "Second Fridays," a monthly meeting and meal taking place in the Argyle community. This Friday, June 10th, it takes place at Cafe Hoang, 1020 West Argyle, 6pm-9pm.

Ald. Osterman says, "In our efforts to improve safety in and around Argyle, it is important to bring people together. The opportunity to bring neighbors to restaurants on Argyle, to enjoy each others' company and dine together seemed like a great idea. Our goal is to continue this once a month and grow the number of neighbors that will be joining us. In addition to food, we will talk about ways to improve safety and improve our community.  This summer will see the completion of the streetscape, return of the Night Market and other fun activites, all are designed to improve our neighborhood overall."

A press release by Hac Tran says, in part:

"Doán Thị Sinh and her husband, Hoàng Dố, hailing from a line of Hue cooks and restaurateurs, immigrated to the United States through the Orderly Departure Program in 1997. After working several years in other Vietnamese restaurants in Uptown, the couple decided they wanted to open a restaurant that showcased Hue cuisine.

Bún Bồ Huế, a featured dish at Café Hoang, is a central Vietnamese noodle dish that is spicy, sour, salty, and sweet all at once. The aromatic essence of lemongrass defines the beef and pork based crimson broth’s main flavor. The rice noodles, are thick and round, slippery, yet firm. The variety of pork in the dish adds to its depth. Garnishes add to the freshness you expect when eating any bowl of Vietnamese noodles.

Join the 48th Ward on 2nd Fridays, June 10th, 2016 in tasting this Central Vietnamese staple at Cafe Hoang along with other featured menu items at 1020 West Argyle. Other highlighted menu options include Bồ Tái Chanh, Beef Carpaccio Vietnamese style, Gỏi Gà, Vietnamese Chicken Salad, Bánh Xèo, Vietnamese Savory Crepe, Hủ Tiếu Xào Hải Sản, Stir Fried Seafood Rice Noodles, and of course, the beloved Phở."

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