Tuesday, June 4, 2024

New Resale Shop Coming To Wilson Avenue


1216 W. Wilson

A fancy new (boy-focused?) resale shop is opening at 1216 W. Wilson, next to Emerald City Coffee.

From what we can see online and in peeks inside while the owner puts the final touches on the inventory and decor, "Poor Boy Rich Taste" will offer resale vintage clothes and 'affordable luxury.' 

According to the website, founder Jeremy "Prince" Nowell is fashion fanatic and plans to offer rich aesthetics on a poor man's budget. 

Keep an eye on his Instagram and his Poshmark for a preview of what's to come and an official opening date. In the interim, heavy velvet curtains obscure the mystery inside. We've seen the interior - get ready for some fashion that will make you want to pull up to the bumper, baby.

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  1. Hi, this store holds a curated collection of clothing and accessories for all genders. Everyone is welcome and seen!