Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Rendering Reveal: 4006 N. Sheridan (Holiday Club Building)

Looking NW at 4006 N. Sheridan & Irving Park (Catapult Real Estate Solutions)

Courtesy of a reader, Uptown Update got a look at what is planned for the NW corner of Sheridan & Irving Park, currently home to Holiday Club. 

More details on the development are now clear. There will be a 3,100 square foot retail space on the corner which could be suitable for Holiday Club if they choose to return. 

While we are warming to the idea of Holiday Club moving to the beautiful and vacant building across the street with the Egyptian motif, whether Thorek or Holiday Club would consider a marriage is pure speculation at this point.

The development will feature a mix of 12 studios, 52 one-bedrooms and and 28 two-bedroom units. A 1,480 square foot terrace on the 7th floor will offer views of downtown. 

Since this a TOD-eligible building, a total of 36 indoor parking spaces and room for 92 bikes are planned. 

As of now, it appears from the design materials we reviewed that there are no plans to repurpose the terracotta from the existing building. No zoning change is being requested so the owner is building here as of right.


  1. Thanks. I live nearby.

    The initial design isn't horrible, but, it lacks character. It's bland. It's a shame to see the original building going away.