Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Ald. Clay: Number of Migrants in Residence at Immaculata Site to Expand

In an email sent this afternoon, Ald. Clay says:

"Dear Neighbors,

This past Friday, Mayor Brandon Johnson’s office provided an update to all Alderpeople on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in our city. As you all know, the large influx of asylum seekers coming to Chicago on a daily basis has proven what it means to truly be a Welcoming City as we continue to extend our resources to migrants seeking refuge. On this call, it was made clear to all Alderpeople that each Ward is being tasked to share responsibility for some of the temporary measures needed going forward.

The 46th Ward has continuously stepped up to the plate to provide mutual aid, resources, and space to migrants seeking refuge right here in our Ward. We were first notified in July that a Temporary Migrant Shelter was opening up at the American Islamic College (AIC) Immaculata building at Irving Park and Marine Drive.

In this brief time, we’ve seen community members welcome our new neighbors in creative and meaningful ways. The opening of this shelter has come with its own challenges that my office continues to work through alongside neighbors. Our office has helped organize supply drives and supported a variety of community organizations and self-organized neighbors to help meet the needs of our neighbors.

We have acted as a liaison between neighbors and shelter staff, the Department of Family and Social Services (DFSS), as well as other related entities, including Streets and Sanitation and our local Chicago Police Department. We continue to engage neighbors to make sure concerns are addressed and that our community remains a safe, clean, and vibrant home for all. 

With the Mayor’s directive that each ward must continue to share the responsibility of the crises we face, we were notified that the American Islamic College shelter will be increasing to house up to 1,000 residents. 

You can read the letter sent to us by the Mayor’s office of Immigrant, Migrant, Refugee Rights here. This increase comes with very little notice and sooner than we would hope as we bear the brunt of a broken federal immigration system. 

Chicago has received over 13,000 asylum seekers and continues to receive buses daily, putting extreme pressure on our police stations, shelters, and airports. Our office continues to advocate on behalf of 46th Ward residents to ensure this transition happens smoothly and any challenges brought to our attention continue to be addressed promptly.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to my office to offer support, supplies, and a helping hand.  Our office will continue to be a liaison for all neighbors in our Ward, and again, I can’t say thank you enough for all of the help our neighbors have provided.  I encourage you to review the temporary migrant shelter page on our website which has a frequently asked questions document that is updated regularly.  

Yours in service,

Alderwoman Angela Clay"

UU Note: In an email sent mid-July, Ald. Clay said the initial number of migrants in the temporary shelter would be 500-600. According to her website, the number had grown to 828 people (mostly families) by early September.


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  2. If you listen closely you can hear property values plummet.

  3. If there are 13,000 migrants and 50 wards, why is Uptown taking 1000? Is Immaculate even big enough for that many people? Sounds like the 60s all over again when Dailey #1 used Uptown to get even with the alderman and dumped every junkie, homeless person vagrant and Appalachian migrant in our ward along with all the "services" we'll never get rid of. HOW MANY MIRGRANTS ARE GETTING DUMPED IN THE GOALD COAST AND RIVER NORTH.. WHY IS IT ALWAYS US!