Monday, May 22, 2023

Say Hello To "The Teller House"

The beautifully restored lobby of the bank building, now a WeWork co-working space (FLATS)

Depending on when you moved to Uptown, you might know this historic landmark and Uptown gem by a few names:

  • The building was built as the "Sheridan Trust & Savings Bank" in 1924, named after the builder and original tenant bank.
  • After expansion, including 4 new floors added to the original 8 in 1928, Sheridan Trust & Savings went insolvent in 1931. 
  • In 1937, a new bank, Uptown National Bank, took over. This led to the building being known as "Uptown National Bank" for nearly 70 years. 
  • In 2003, Bridgeview Bank bought the existing bank and building for $56.7 million, so most Uptowners (but not me!) know the building as "Bridgeview Bank."
  • In 2018, First Midwest acquired Bridgeview Bank. Despite the sale, the building's "Bridgeview Bank" sign remained. First Midwest put the building up for sale the next year. 
  • In 2019, Cedar Street bought the building from First Midwest for $18.7 million, leaving the Bridgeview Bank signage while the building was renovated.

In 2022, Old National Bank bought the assets of First Midwest, taking over the bank portion of the historic building. 

Now, in keeping with the long banking tradition of the building, Cedar Street's FLATS has named the residential portion of the building "The Teller House", harkening back to the days when us olds had to physically visit a bank teller for banking transactions.

The new name is part of many recent changes to the building, including "Lady Louise" on the south face and the extensive rehabilitation of the old bank lobby, brought back to its original look as part of a WeWork coworking space

Explore the beautiful new residences here:

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