Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bridgeview Bank Addition

Did you know that the Bridgeview Bank (formerly Sheridan Trust and Savings Bank Building) was originally built with only 8 floors in 1924 and then 4 floors were added later? Yeah, neither did we! We verified that fact on Wikipedia and found out the addition actually happened in 1928.

Read about it and other "add-on skyscrapers" in Chicago on the Cityscapes blog here.

Update: Thanks to a reader for pointing out the photo on the right of the original building courtesy of the Uptown Chicago History Blog.


  1. Go to: uptownhistory.compassrose.org/

    Type in "Sheridan Trust" and scroll down to see the building at its original height. A pic was posted back in 2007.

  2. http://uptownhistory.compassrose.org/2007/10/sheridan-road-south-from-lawrence-old.html

    another building that was added on to is at Lawrence and Sheridan - current home of Heartland Health and the Northside Credit Union

  3. That old pic is a really cool photo!

  4. I would like to know why Bridgeview does not repair the terracotta vs taking it off the building as they currently are? It is such a beautiful building and I would hate to see it not restored.

  5. You have to take the terra cotta off to repair it. It would be tough, if not impossible to repair it in place, without having it fall.