Wednesday, May 31, 2023

New Mexican Arrives, With a Twist

4650 N. Sheridan

As if we weren't excited enough for the arrival of former Andersonville stalwart El Diamante Azul (now rebranded as "Taqueria Diamante" and open at 4431 N. Broadway), we can now confirm a tip sent to our inbox a couple of months ago.

Uptown will soon be home to a location of the national chain Dos Bros

The twist is that the store will not be open to the public, at least for now.

From what we know, the former Fresh Harvest Market location at 4650 N. Sheridan will be the home of a new shared kitchen space, similar to the successful shared kitchens on Rockwell and Spaulding

Longtime residents will remember several different tenants in this space, including Mi Rancho and two versions of Fresh Harvest Market. The first version opened in 2008 and closed abruptly in 2011. After reopening in 2017, the "new" Fresh Harvest closed in 2018. The space has been empty ever since

For this new shared kitchen, Dos Bros will be the headlining restaurant, but expect other startups to share the space, focusing on delivery rather than in store dining. It's worth checking out the Avondale's website to see how the concept works, with small restaurants offering many different cuisines sharing a single kitchen space. 

If you're not familiar with Dos Bros, one of our editors works near the Wells location and reports "very similar in concept to Chipotle with better quality food." Yum!

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