Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fresh Harvest Market Coming To Sheridan/Leland?

We were surprised and happy to see the site of the long-closed "Mi Rancho" grocery store at 4650 Sheridan getting spiffed up. According to the sign, it's the future home of Fresh Harvest Market.

Looks like our tip last June about a new grocery store going into the location was correct. With Anadeisy Fruteria just down the street, at 4757 Sheridan, we hope this turns into a destination spot for produce. We wish both businesses the best of luck.

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  1. It's a great store. I like Mi Rancho and was a regular patron. The last few months it had a number of problems but those have been fixed. The space is clean, bright, and welcoming. The produce is fresh, far cheaper than at Dominicks or Jewels (not to mention Whole Foods), and colorfully displayed. It's got all the veggies you'd expect but also Mexican and Asian varieties that might surprise you a bit. There's a butcher and, best of all, an Italian ice cream station in the front.