Monday, January 16, 2023

Ald. Osterman Endorses Joe Dunne For Next 48th Ward Alderman

In a crowded race for 48th Ward alderman, sitting alderman Harry Osterman released his endorsement for Joe Dunne last week. In a mailing from his campaign account -- not his aldermanic account -- he explained why:

"Dear 48th Ward Neighbors,

Today, I am proud to announce my full support and endorsement for Joe Dunne as the next Alderman of the 48th Ward. As someone who cares deeply about our community and all the residents who call Edgewater, Andersonville, and Uptown home, I strongly believe that Joe Dunne is the best candidate to move our community forward in a positive, safe, and inclusive way as your Alderman.

Joe is a progressive Democrat and long time Edgewater neighbor who has dedicated himself to our community. Joe has worked to build safe, affordable housing in communities across Chicago and will work to expand affordable housing in the 48th Ward. He will partner with our Chambers of Commerce to grow and support our local small businesses.

As a father of 3 children, Joe served as Chair of the Peirce Local School Council and worked with others to improve Peirce School. As Alderman Joe will work to ensure our schools grow and provide the best possible education and support for the children of the 48th Ward.

Joe Dunne understands that public safety throughout our community and City is our top priority. As Alderman he will work together with neighbors, block clubs, business owners and the police to address and improve safety in our community. Joe will work to make sure our community has the resources to improve overall safety including foot patrols on key streets and additional job training and mentoring programs for our youth. Joe will work with other City leaders to ensure that the ongoing and needed reforms to the Chicago Police Department continue. He will fight for additional funding for violence prevention, mental health services and homelessness prevention programs.

We live in a wonderful and diverse community, and that diversity is the strength that binds us together. Joe Dunne understands this, and as Alderman he will unite us together to take on the challenges we face as a community. From neighbors on Sheridan Road, to small business owners on Argyle or in Andersonville, to people living on Kenmore and Winthrop and those throughout Edgewater, Uptown and Andersonville, as Alderman Joe Dunne will represent all the residents of the 48th Ward.

I have confidence that Joe Dunne will do an outstanding job serving and representing our community as Alderman of the 48th Ward. I ask you to join me in supporting and voting for Joe Dunne for Alderman in the upcoming election on February 28th and ask you to join his campaign. If you would like to make a donation, volunteer or request a sign please go to

Thank you!

Harry Osterman
Alderman and Democratic Committeeman
48th Ward"

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