Monday, November 28, 2022

It's Petition Day!

We have a better look now at who's interested in being our next aldermen and members of the community who form three-member police councils at our local police districts.

Monday, November 28th, at 5pm, was the deadline for candidates for City of Chicago offices to file their nominating petitions with the Board of Elections to appear on the ballot in February's election.

This is who's filed in Uptown (in alphabetical order by ward/district):

46th Ward

47th Ward
48th Ward

Council Member, Chicago Police Department, 19th District (all of Uptown South of Lawrence)Council Member, Chicago Police Department20th District (all of Uptown North of Lawrence)Once the petitions are all in, the Board of Elections will check them to make sure they are formatted correctly and adhere to the BoE's standards.

But wait, there's more! It ain't over until it's over. 

Any citizen in a ward can challenge a candidate's petitions or eligibility. For example, a candidate can be challenged if s/he owes the City of Chicago any money (old parking tickets, etc.) Petitions can be challenged for having too few valid signatures (people who signed multiple petitions for the same office, for example). 

The deadline for submitting challenges is December 5th, and then they are ruled upon by an independent arbiter.

It's always exciting to see what the final ballot looks like in comparison to who's filed petitions. Stay tuned!

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