Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Sale of Weiss Hospital Approved, Transition Expected to Begin on December 2nd

It was announced today that Resilience Healthcare and Ramco Healthcare Holdings, LLC has reached an agreement to purchase Weiss Memorial Hospital from Pipeline Health System, LLC, with the effective date of the first phase projected to be December 2nd.

In a process that was slowed by community fears of Weiss being closed and Pipeline declaring bankruptcy, the transition of ownership will take several months.

On December 2nd, Resilience is expected to take over the operations of Weiss Hospital and the medical office building adjacent to Weiss. This will ensure no break in the continuity of care for patients, hospital employees, and physicians.

According to a statement announcing the sale, "Phase two of the sale contemplates Ramco purchasing the real estate associated with the Chicago medical facilities and is expected to close in the next few months."

The entire announcement can be found here.

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