Monday, May 30, 2022

A New Uptown School Option - American Montessori Academy to Open New Location at 5050 N. Broadway

Signage has gone up at the new 
American Montessori Academy "Andersonville" location, announcing the arrival of another school option for parents in Uptown. We first heard about a school use for the space nearly two years ago, and the signage confirms the rumors.  AMA joins the Gardner School as new options for area parents.


Astute UU readers will note this location is very much a part of Uptown, but the cachet of 'Andersonville' is greater than that of 'Uptown.'

This is the second Chicago location for American Montessori, joining a location in the South Loop. There are "affiliate" schools in two suburbs.  The new school will enroll children between 9 months and 9 years.

Pre-enrollment for the inaugural school year has started and can be accessed here.

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