Monday, January 31, 2022

Stan's Donuts Slated to Anchor 'Platform 4611' Retail

"Platform 4611" now under construction at Broadway & Wilson.

 The corner of Broadway and Wilson has had a long history with donuts. Old-timers might recall the "Wilson Donut Shop" that was inside of the current Gerber building at 4620 N. Broadway. It inspired the Broadway play "Superior Donuts" which eventually became a short-lived series on CBS.

The building which stood on the NE corner of Broadway and Wilson until the late 1960s also had a donut shop right on the corner called "Do Do Donuts." It was later demolished and replaced with the one story strip mall which is now but a memory and soon to be replaced by a 9 story midrise. 

A woman passes "Do Do Donuts" at Broadway & Wilson, Gerber Building in background.

Fast forward 50+ years and a new donut shop is set to open up in the same corner space at Broadway and Wilson in the currently rising "Platform 4611" building. According to the Mid America Real Estate listing, Stan's Donuts will be opening an Uptown location! Currently the closest locations are in Lakeview. 

The UU Team has been a fan of Stan's for years now and we look forward to noshing on a Peanut Butter Pocket or Buttercream Bismark while we watch the world pass by Broadway & Wilson. Wonderful news!


  1. Awesome! Uptown's progress is going strong! It's about time. Great place to live.

  2. I know! The news that Stan's Donuts is coming to Uptown will single handedly transform this blight on the Chi neighborhood landscape into the bourgeois Yuppie paradise we've all dreamed of.

  3. Finally! Could a Chipotle be far behind and how about some more quality chains to add to the mix??