Friday, December 17, 2021

Ready for Summer? Uptown Taproom's Patio Beckons

Back in April, we disclosed plans for a new taproom in the vacant Godfather's Pizza space at the southeast corner of Malden and Wilson (which we first learned about way back in 2020). The editorial team here at UU had our fingers crossed for a late summer 2021 opening, but Chicago being Chicago, there was no visible progress on the space other than some cleaning and removal of debris while the legal process churned away in the background.

A couple of weeks ago a reader sent us a message sharing a letter received from an attorney for Neighborhood Taprooms LLC announcing an application for a zoning variance for "Uptown Taproom," and within the past few days a Public Notice has gone up in the window announcing the same application.

While the notice and letter don't tell us anything about timing, our bet is that the owners are working towards a spring/summer opening. This location, which will be the third for Uptown-based Neighborhood Taprooms (joining Lakeview Taproom and Lincoln Square Taproom), has the advantage of a large outdoor patio space facing west at Malden and Wilson. We expect the patio will draw plenty of thirsty Uptowners in the warm weather months.

Want a peek into what might be planned for this space? Click on the links above for some photos of the other locations and some insight into what the owners might have in store for this new location.

We are excited to see progress in the coming months.

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