Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Another (Fake) Brick in the Wall

Readers in the northern part of Uptown (northwest Uptown, also known as "South Andersonville" via the real estate industry) are experiencing some minor traffic inconvenience on Clark Street, via the City's planned repaving of Clark from Lawrence Avenue all the way north to Ashland. (h/t Joe Ward)

One key feature of the new streetscape design is the use of marked "brick" crosswalks, which delineate the crosswalk for drivers and pedestrians and thus make crossing the street safer.  

While the crosswalks are designed to look like brick, the "brick" is actually high temperature thermoplastic that is bonded to the asphalt under heat. This solution avoids the normal wear and tear to real brick installations (recall the old brick intersections at Clark and Leland) and extends the life span of the crosswalk and the asphalt underneath, further enhancing safety for pedestrians and cars alike.

Additional rehab work has been done further east in Uptown on Sheridan Road as part of the same project. 

The improvements are a handsome and welcome upgrade as shoppers and strollers return to walking along and across area streets.  

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