Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Rendering Reveal: 4645-47 N. Clark

4645-47 N. Clark (Hanna Architects)

The facelift of Clark Street continues, as a vacant lot on the 4600 block of Clark is about to be filled with a residential development. 

The lot was previously two 2-story buildings that were demolished back in January 2020.  The buildings were purchased and demolished by a different developer, who abandoned their original plan and then sold the empty lots in April 2021.

Word on the street is that the building will be condos, not rental, and feature a total of 8 units. Clark Estate LLC is the new developer on file. 

The modern design by Hanna Architects features large front balconies and a recessed facade on the second and third floors. 

The development is being built "as of right" and requires no zoning change or input from the local block club, Clark Street Neighbors Association.

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  1. "The development is being built 'as of right' and requires no zoning change or input from the local block club" : ain't that sweet ? Although the building, with its back completely covered with black bricks (so uplifting!), robbed me of my sun, "as of right," I will consistently hang my wash on ropes criss-crossing my back porch. It happens to face 2 of those units. My poetic contribution to the lutte des classes.