Saturday, April 17, 2021

Preparations Begin For New Construction At Kenmore and Wilson

Chain-link fencing, privacy screens, and a warning-laden construction sign went up this past week at the parking lot located at the northwest corner of Kenmore and Wilson. The lot has been a bank parking lot for as long as any of us at UU can remember, but the strip once was home to some magnificent buildings, now lost to history (see below).

The lot is next to the former Wilson Avenue Theater at 1050 West Wilson, (hopefully) the future home to the Double Door.  We've been told the plans for the Double Door to move to the old theater are still on track, and workers have been seen removing detritus from the building over recent weeks. 

As for this lot, we presume this is the first step in the construction of a five-story residential rental building there, which Uptown Update posted about last year. A Powerpoint presentation detailing the plans for the new building, from which the above rendering is taken, is here.

As far as we know, this fencing does not mean that there will be any physical changes to the Wilson Avenue Theater building. 

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