Monday, December 14, 2020

New Look For 4600 N. Kenmore Development

Looking NW at Wilson & Kenmore, currently a parking lot (Cedar Street)

 A project first proposed and approved back in 2016 is undergoing some big design changes.

You might recall that Cedar Street had proposed building an 8 story building in the parking lot next to the former Wilson Avenue Theatre at 1050 W. Wilson. The project has been reworked and we now know what is planned.

Cedar Street now plans a 5 story building, setback from the top floor (down from 8 stories) with 62 units (down from 110). The exterior looks more modern than what was previously planned, with metal panels featuring alternating geometric designs.

The proposal has been given approval by the Department of Planning & Development but will go before the Chicago Plan Commission on December 17. There is still hope for Double Door as the historic building next door will be permitted for a theater use as part of the planned development. 

Full plans can be viewed here.


  1. Terrible. Uglier, lost of height and units is unacceptable so close to a transit station. The absolutely terrible practice for the 46th Ward to engage in.

  2. Any of these places going to have an appropriate amount of parking for the added capacity.

    1. No. It’s immediately next door to the red line. More than the 13 parking spaces it already includes is absolutely stupid. Glad there’s only 13 spots and no ugly park ring podium.

  3. I liked the old design much better. It harkened back to the early days of the skyscraper when air conditioning didn’t exist and buildings had light wells for both light and ventilation. It would’ve really matched the area, specifically the Sheridan Plaza Apartments. This isn’t a bad design, and I appreciate that they respect the Wilson Bank height next door, but I like the former design more.