Thursday, May 19, 2016

1050 West Wilson Going Through Approval Process (And What A Change!)

Ald. Cappleman tweeted today, "1050 W Wilson development went through Chicago Plan Commission today and passed unanimously. Next stop: Zoning Com." This is the building that will be built in what is currently a parking lot at Wilson and Kenmore, next to the former Wilson Theater/TCF Bank (which will remain).

A look at the slide in the photo shows that the building has undergone quite a change from the original rough sketch that was shown last summer. (And that's good, in our book.)

Update: Curbed Chicago took high-res photos of the slide show, reproduced below. You can click on each for a much larger version. The article is here.


  1. Oh yes that is a much better design. I appreciate the homage to the original Chicago "H" or "armchair" design. I'm sure there is an official name for it, I just can't think of it at the moment. But basically, its intent is to allow sunlight to reach street level and not appear so imposing to pedestrians.
    It's also very in keeping with the existing architecture in the area Nice job.

    1. I agree: what an improvement! The building type you're referring to is the "courtyard apartment."

      For detailed information,

  2. Looks much better! Build it!

  3. There has been a drilling truck on the property for the past few days taking core samples. Hopefully, this construction gets going quickly.