Thursday, February 11, 2021

Revised Proposal For Immaculata High School At 640 W. Irving Park

Rendering of the 27-story senior housing component of the Immaculata site development
(Perkins Eastman, Level)

Just over a year ago, developers KGiles LLC and CA Ventures proposed a planned development that included rehabilitation of the former Immaculata High School building (1921) and construction of a tower of senior housing/memory care units on the existing parking lot. Buena Park Neighbors gave their feedback as well as the city's Department of Planning and the updated proposal is now available on Ald. Cappleman's development page.

Full details:

"KGiles, LLC and CA Ventures are proposing a Planned Development that includes the rehabilitation of the existing landmark buildings into 265 residential apartments, with all work being in accordance with the buildings landmark status. Additionally, they are proposing a new 27-story, plus penthouse building on the current surface lot with 230 senior units of which 60 units will be assisted living and 32 units will be for memory care. The new construction will also include 118 parking spaces."

1 comment:

  1. Density, Density, and more Density. When will it ever end in Uptown, which is already the most dense neighborhood in Chicago?

    Where is the public open space? The Lakefront Protection Ordinance, a zoning ordinance that allowed lakefront highrise towers with no open space, was supposed to protect those of us who live on the lakefront. It supposedly guaranteed open space in the park across Lake Shore Drive for local use. It provides that there must be lake access every 1/4 mile. Why isn't it enforced??????

    Where is the 1/4 mile access to the lake? There is a fenced golf course in the way. Where is the public open after the Park District locked all access gates to the golf course except for paid access for golfers at Addison? How does that serve the Uptown residents? I asked that question and was told that I could out of my highrise windows over the fence at that space so that qualified as open space. Really????

    The bird watchers (I am one of them) did not support the fenced-in nature area at Montrose and LSD. No one birds over there and a better placement would have been out at Montrose point. But, the bike lobby wanted the locals and dog owners out of that park. Get those pesky locals the hell out of here so we can rip through their neighborhood at breakneck speeds.

    We locals were left with a small area between the bike path and LSD. I fought to have guardrails put up to protect us from cars careening off the drive. What little is left of that "open space" is now being taken over by the LSD reconstruction project.

    What else about the bike path? Locals and dog owners were driven out of the area when the bike lobby insisted that the golf course fence be moved out to within a few feet of the bike path so that no one could walk across the bike speedway. That cause many bike-pedestrian accidents because one could not step off the path on the East side. There was a fence right there. SO, the city's solution was to make two path. There went the last of the open space.

    Enough already. Alderman stop packing this neighborhood and start demanding that laws that protect us get enforced.