Monday, February 15, 2021

And It Begins!

Blue fencing has been erected around the future "Platform 4611" development from John Buck Company

If you are nostalgic for the one-story 1970s era retail building at Broadway and Wilson, now might be the time to pay your respects.

Blue construction fencing has been installed around the former Family Dollar and City Sports building spanning from 4601-4613 N. Broadway. The buildings will be demolished within the next week or so to make way for a new nine story building from John Buck Company. The building will be known as "Platform 4611" paying homage to the Wilson L platform just steps from its future entrance. This development has been years in the making and is sure to transform this corner for generations to come! We suspect that a new development on the SE corner of Broadway and Wilson won't be far behind.

"Platform 4611" by John Buck Company (Pappageorge Haymes)



  1. How do i apply for a 1-2 bedroom to this location?

  2. Wait until it's closer to being built. Right now they're still hauling away the rubble from City Sports and Family Dollar.

  3. So then when will construction start now that demo is done awhile now? What's the holdup?

    1. Permits have not been issued. The city is notoriously slow in doing so. Patience.