Monday, November 2, 2020

Wilson Club Undergoing Exterior Transformation

Workers are now dismantling the street level facade.

The upcoming "Wilson Club" apartments at 1124 W. Wilson have been completely gutted and rebuilt on the interior. Now we are getting a glimpse at what City Pads has planned for the exterior.

The metal cornice that wrapped around the front of the building and back onto Clifton has been cleaned up, primed, and painted a dark gray/black color. All of the windows have been replaced and tuckpointing has been completed.

Exposed brick on storefronts
Now, the 1960s era stone is being removed around the street level storefronts. According to the rendering, new windows will stretch upward, almost double in height, and fill the majority of the section currently being removed. That is certain to be more welcoming than what pedestrians have been greeted with for as long as most anyone can remember.

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