Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Construction Progresses On Upcoming 'Wilson Club'

Rendering of completed "Wilson Club" at 1124 W. Wilson
We heard from the CityPad's spokesperson, Clint Sabin on the current status of the Wilson Men's Hotel rehab, now known as "Wilson Club."

"Thank you for your patience as we continue to move forward with the former Wilson Men’s Hotel.  As you may have read in the news once our construction work began after acquiring our permit from the City of Chicago we realized that the roof of the building was unsalvageable and had to be removed.  The poor condition of the previous roof explains why the interior of the building was in such bad condition. 

Fortunately the removal was quick, and we thank you for your patience with that process.  For the rest of January you’ll notice the construction of a new roof as well as some interior structural support, which will include some banging and typical construction noise.

I also have some exciting news to share. For starters, going forward this building will be referred to as Wilson Club, which we believe is a nod to the building’s unique history for Uptown, but also in line with our vision that the building be a new home for future generations of Uptown residents looking to enjoy all that our diverse neighborhood has to offer. 

I’m also attaching to this e-mail a rendering of what the building will look like when completed, which is expected to be winter 2021.  While there will be retail on the ground floor, the tenant will not be finalized until next year."  

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