Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Khan (Building) Job

image from Google Streetview
The four-plus-one buildings at 949 and 955 West Foster, commonly known as the Khan Building, are seeing some changes!

Ald. Osterman's office confirmed that the buildings, located across from Mariano's at the corner of Foster and Sheridan, have been recently sold and repair work is being done on the first building right now. A reader tells us he's observed workers unloading drywall, replacing windows, and repairing the brick exteriors.

There are a total of 216 units: 100 studios and 116 one-bedrooms, with 154 parking spaces onsite. According to the real estate listing, the previous owner bought the buildings more than 20 years ago and has now retired. Not surprisingly for this architecture style, they were built in 1968.

The buildings were for sale for quite a while. We're interested to see what the new owner has in mind for them. It seems like a promising start.


  1. That site, being a portal to Uptown, really deserves an architecturally first class building. Such a shame we're stuck with these drab monstrosities.

  2. I love these 4+1 buildings. So very practical, and they provided quality housing to a large number of working class individuals at affordable rates. I look forward to seeing what the new owner does. Hopefully they keep them affordably priced for the average working Joe and Jane. (But I'm not gonna hold my breathe.