Thursday, October 29, 2020

Got A Mail-In Ballot? Use A Drop Box, Not A Mailbox

With USPS operations being slowed down at the instruction of the Postmaster General, and millions of mail-in ballots going through the system this week, voters are being advised to use dropboxes instead of mailboxes for their mail-in ballots to ensure they arrive on time.

All early voting sites in Chicago have dropboxes, which can be used through Election Day, November 3rd. That includes Truman College in Uptown.

There are several libraries that have supervised dropboxes as well, including Bezazian in Uptown, located at Magnolia and Ainslie. Library dropboxes are NOT available on Election Day, but will be accepting ballots through Monday.

A complete list of all ballot dropboxes is here.

Be sure to vote!


  1. Hi! I was intending to drop off my completed mail-in ballot at Truman College. There was a line of people, designated “early voting”; however, I did not see a dropbox on the campus.

    Unless one is to wait in the same “early voting” line to simply drop off a completed ballot (contradicting the benefits of such)?

    Guidance would be appreciated, as this is my first time dropping one off.


  2. Late response for Mitchell A, but I would hope that anyone reading this who intends to use a dropbox at Truman today does the following:
    1) Ask at security (they likely won't know, but they'll admit you to the bldg.
    2) Skip the line! Go towards the polling site, and when you get near, ask where the drop box is.

    In Chicago, Illinois we are blessed with options to vote that others simply don't have, but on occasion, we do have to take some initiative.

  3. Hi! Thank you so much for the info! I walked back to Truman earlier today, met with the “early voting” line. I went ahead and confidently bypassed the line into the building, which was not met too favorably. So I then lost my confidence in that :X Thankfully, there was an assigned person within who pointed me to the secured ballot drop-box nearby in the building. So, I voted!

    With that said, it remains disappointing there is not any indication there even is a ballot drop-box within, avoiding confusion and confrontation, when that’s the last thing needed this year. I’ll be sure to be mindful of this during the next election in my future ward, ensuring all is as efficient as possible for everybody.

    Thanks again!