Monday, September 14, 2020

Ald. Cappleman: Man Murdered On Leland Monday Morning

From Ald. Cappleman's newsletter today:


This morning at around 12:44 a.m. an individual was shot and killed at 1265 W. Leland (at Malden). The victim's name has not yet been released. I send my condolences to everyone who knew the victim and who has been affected by this tragic loss. 

The victim was entering an Uber vehicle when shots were fired from another vehicle into the rear seat of the Uber. According to police, it appears that the incident was gang related and that the victim was the intended target of the shooting. This is an open investigation. The police have retrieved camera footage from buildings nearby. 

My office has been working with a group of dedicated community stakeholders for the past several months to address concerns about activity on the 1150 block of W. Leland, at the corner of Leland and Racine, which is two blocks from where this morning's shooting took place. These collaborative meetings were formed following reports that neighborhood residents, some with chronic mental illness and substance use disorders, were gathering in the area to drink as well as use drugs. 

Reports of this type of activity have increased over the past two weeks or so, and have highlighted that the activity has evolved into an open-air drug market with new people parking on the blocks and actively selling drugs. It has been reported that the new folks are taking advantage of the older fragile population and are using them as lookouts. 

The 46th Ward office continues to coordinate with the 19th Police District, and the 19th District Captain and Tactical Sergeant were on one of our community stakeholder calls last week. At my request several months ago, CDOT and OEMC will be installing a new POD camera at Leland and Racine using 46th Ward infrastructure menu funds, and I've had a number of conversations with the Commissioner of OEMC to get this camera installed as quickly as possible. As soon as this camera pod is in place, the 19th District will have immediate access to this footage 24/7. 

We are employing a range of interventions to try to find a solution to the issues at Leland and Racine that does not solely rely on policing. In addition to our work with the 19th Police District, we are also working on a holistic, collaborative approach that works with community-led organizations and the Department of Family and Support Services to build relationships with people who may be ready for services related to housing instability, drug and alcohol use, and chronic mental and physical health conditions. 

Whenever it is both possible and appropriate, we want to find lasting solutions rather than rely on the revolving door of arrests, incarceration, and release. 

I am so grateful for our residents' commitment to supporting their neighbors and utilizing holistic solutions. Our office is also appreciative of area residents who are able to provide a first-hand account of what they have been witnessing in the area. We are happy to pass along this information to the 19th Police District, including patterns in dates, times, and type of activity. 

Calling 911 is an important tool when making an official record of any incident, and it can also be used to allocate additional resources to hot spots. 

Incidents such as these are both frightening and frustrating, and in the midst of a pandemic it can be overwhelming. Please let our office know how we can support you as we work together on systemic and long-term solutions. 

We will be posting information about upcoming community discussions surrounding the concerns at the corner of Leland and Racine. If you are interested in joining these discussions please look for information in our newsletter and/or contact our office by emailing"

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