Tuesday, August 18, 2020

And No Signs That Uptown Fitness Was Ever There

In the continuing saga of "what's going on with Uptown Fitness?"

This past weekend the signage was removed and the walls painted over, so no sign that there were even signs there.

The weights and some of the equipment were removed from the building.

As a commenter said on UU's Facebook page, "Signs are down and equipment is gone. I think we can stick a fork in it - ITS DONE."


  1. Meanwhile, I see Al, the owner, plenty in the neighborhood - throwing a lavish party in his back yard, riding around the neighborhood in one of his fancy motorcycles with squealing children in the side car, lounging on a chaise in the large double lot he owns. So nice to know that all of our membership money is being put to some use! I wouldn't be so pissed if he had made any effort to reach out to his members or staff. Complete silence is a real kick in the gut.

  2. I was under the impression that he sold it several years ago.

    1. No, he was still the owner. On site frequently (although he has had medical issues which kept him away some) and family members in key positions.

  3. Sooo, it may not be done as a health club yet. There are a bunch of posters taped to the windows around the facility that direct you to what appears to be an LA Fitness site. Perhaps LA Fitness bought them? If so will they honor the prior memberships? Who knows. I think Fitness Clubs are going to become the Speakeasys of the 2020's given our current need to social distance. The only ones that will exist will have to be undergrouns.

  4. He has been a real jerk for a long time, storing his motorcycle collection in the gym, taking up valuable space, to have it qualify for a major tax break...