Sunday, July 19, 2020

Still Many Questions, No Answers, On What's Happening With Uptown Fitness

There are still a whole lot of questions, and no real answers, about the future of Uptown Fitness.

What we do know is that the "business for sale" real estate listing has been removed.

WGN did some investigating and posted a story entitled "Uptown gym remains radio silent to members during pandemic."

It concludes: "WGN was finally able to get a hold of the owner. He’s been in the fitness industry for decades and didn’t give up any information on what’s going on.

He did ask us if we wanted to buy the gym. 

As the gym remains closed, some members are filing complaints with the attorney general."


  1. I am a member and I can understand that the gym may be having financial difficulties, but it doesn't cost anything to email members and keep them informed.

  2. If you're a current member looking to cancel, try calling ASF. They provide membership billing services to Uptown Fitness. I canceled my membership there a couple years ago by calling ASF directly. (800) 227-3859.