Saturday, May 9, 2020

Dispensary 33 Seeks Approval To Expand

photo via Google Streetview

The 47th Ward's Zoning Advisory Committee will hear a request by Dispensary 33 for a zoning change that will allow it to expand into the storefront north of its existing building, according to Ald. Matt Martin's latest weekly newsletter.

The marijuana dispensary, located at 5001 North Clark Street, seeks to expand into 5005 North Clark, a storefront that is currently home to Jenny's Nail Salon.  Residents are encouraged to submit feedback via the 47th Ward's website.

According to Ald. Martin,
"Proposed Dispensary 33 Expansion (C1-2 to C2-2). The existing cannabis dispensary Dispensary 33, located at 5001 N Clark, seeks to change the zoning of the building to expand into the next storefront to the north (5005).

The next storefront to the north (5009) would not be used as part of the dispensary. In addition to a zoning change, this expansion would require a Special Use to be granted by the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA), with the application process mandating a community meeting."
When the Zoning Advisory Committee gives its opinion, we'll update.


  1. Any word on what's going happen to the nail salon? Moving to a new location, closing?

    1. According to a reader on our Facebook page, it will move to Lawrence and Clark.