Sunday, April 19, 2020

Emergency Food Distribution To Those Hit Hardest By The Pandemic At St. Mary Of The Lake (Updated)

The Greater Chicago Food Depository and St. Mary of the Lake (4200 North Sheridan) are teaming up to provide some emergency food relief to families who have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

Beginning today, and each Sunday as long as the pandemic lasts, a 30-pound box of food will be distributed to each person or family who needs it, beginning at 3pm.

There is a very long line of people that has formed along both sides of Kenmore (see video).

St. Mary has provided videos in both Spanish and English to explain how the process works.

Social distancing and wearing a mask are important, and it is asked that each family send only one person (one who is able to handle a 30-pound box of food by him/herself) to stand in line.
If you are able to donate your time or money to the Greater Chicago Food Depository to help them in their mission, we encourage you to do so. The link on how to get involved is here.

Thank you to those who are making this possible.

UPDATE:  CBS 2 Chicago covered today's distribution.

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