Monday, March 2, 2020

Pick Me Up Cafe Moving To Uptown, Where It's "Properly Weird"

courtesy Facebook
The long-time Wrigleyville hangout PICK ME UP CAFE is picking up and moving here!

The owners of the quirky late-night restaurant say it will re-open in April at 4882 North Clark, near Ainslie (right next to Lincoln Towing), in the former Monticchio and Ceres' Table spot.

When we posted back in December about the new tenant coming, we assumed Pick Me Up would be opening a second location. But no, they're moving the whole kit and caboodle our way instead.

In its Facebook post, Pick Me Up says:
"Hi there everyone! Big news from Pick Me Up Café! It is an indescribable privilege to be a part of Chicago’s amazing restaurant community, and we feel incredibly fortunate to continue playing even a small role in your lives the way we have for over 23 years! 

Now it is time to announce a new, exciting chapter in PMU’s history. At the end of this month PICK ME UP CAFÉ IS MOVING and we hope to take all of you with us! Please join us in early April in our new location up the road at 4882 N. Clark Street. 

We will be serving up all of our classics in a fresh, new space! In the meantime, you can still catch us at our original location anytime between now and March 22nd. 

We are so proud of our place and the amazing, incredible staff. We love this community of misfits that have become our de facto family over the last two decades. In that spirit, we simply want to go to where things feel properly weird again and we feel like this new space is a great opportunity to become a part of a new community while keeping the soul of PMU alive for years to come. 

We’re still having a blast, and we are SO EXCITED to continue serving you and perhaps making new friends in our new digs. PLEASE, come say hello to us over the next few weeks, and come say it again a few weeks later at the new space – 4882 N. Clark Street. 

Stay tuned for updates and we will keep you informed about our grand opening in April. Either way, we look forward to seeing all of you soon!"
If you're not familiar with Pick Me Up, we urge you to check out its menu. They're open day and night; they have a lot of vegan and vegetarian options; the coffee is divine; they serve brunch all day; AND they're applying for a liquor license at the new location.

We welcome our new neighbor! We vow to remain "properly weird" for them.

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  1. Ha! PMU is moving a block of where I grew up as a teenager in Uptown; I turned 13 in 1950; I guess I will come to my old area and have a cup of coffee in the hood; weird is right; Uptown is a living film noir day & night; Welcome from an Uptown kid through and through; you can take the kid out of Uptown but you can't take the Uptown out of the kid!!!