Thursday, November 28, 2019

We Give Thanks For Graceland: Bikes, Prairies, History, Birds, And A Registered Arboretum, Too

One of the things we are most grateful for in Uptown is Graceland Cemetery and Arboretum, which gives visitors free access by car, foot, or bike. It's open every day except holidays, and showcases Chicago's history and architecture, as well as a gloriously maintained vista of flowers and trees. (Keep an eye out for groups giving tours, like this one from Atlas Obscura.)

And now it even has transformed 2.5 acres of lawn to a native prairie, the culmination of a project that began in 2014.  Its architects say, "The native plants have attracted native birds, butterflies and other pollinators and is now a main destination for bird watchers in the Chicago area."

Graceland is open until 4pm daily this time of year. You can obtain maps of the trees and notable gravesites from the office during the weeks; or you can download one from the website. The tree map is here.

It's there to enjoy, year-round. And we're grateful that it is.

The new prairie:

The autumnal colors (this year's season was sadly cut short by the late-October snow):

Hey, hey, Mr. Cub! We're so glad you spend eternity in Uptown,
close enough to Wrigley Field to hear the cheers of the faithful.

Even beautiful after it snows:

Click on each photo for a larger version.

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