Sunday, November 24, 2019

Uptown Leads The Numbers In Same-Sex Marriage

Where do the most same-sex couples getting hitched in Illinois call home?

That would be right here!

The 60640 zip code leads the way in Cook County during the time span from 2013-2019, with 972 same-sex couples taking the plunge.  60660 (just north of 60640) was next, with 645 marriages; and our immediately southern neighbors in zip codes 60657 (574) and 60613 (541) filled out the leader board.

By the end of the year, Cook County expects to issue its 15,000th same-sex marriage certificate since marriage equality became legal.

Cook County Clerk Karen Yarborough has issued a nifty handout with all the statistics and charts, if you feel like geeking out (like we did).

More than 40% of Illinoisans live in Cook County, and not all counties keep records of same-sex unions.

Congrats, newlyweds!

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